The secret to matte ... As told by Diane da Silva

My skin glows. On a normal day I love this. The sheen that comes from it's natural clarity means that I often go without makeup, however on set this is a major problem. My skin reflects light like no other, often appearing as a white haze on the screen. The solution is often powder powder powder but too much powder can look ashy and grey, hiding the beautiful brown that I have grown very proud of.

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Philomena KwaoComment
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil

Travel is a huge part of my job. Some months I feel like I live on a plane. Whilst it might sound like fun my skin isn't laughing. Even after drinking on average half a litre of water for every hour I'm in the plane my skin still feels and looks like the Sahara desert. Especially as although shiny. (Not oily) my skin is very dry. But I've found my saviour. 

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