Aloha Hawaiiiiii

WOW! One of the most wonderful thing about this job is the awesome travel opportunities that I have been given. Recently I ticked a destination off my travel bucket list; aloha Hawaii. I landed in Honolulu. I didn't know much about Hawaii, except what I had seen on TV so I expected sandy beaches and volcanoes (excuse my ignorance lol) but I was greeted by .... something that was very American and I was actually quite disappointed. But none the less I was determined to give it a go.

Bikini in hand, on my day off I set off to the beach. It was very very beautiful. Touristy but beautiful and i could see the stunning mountains in the background. I can't disclose the locations we shot at just yet but I will in time. 

I couldn't go to Hawaii without going to a traditional Luau... I think I have a new hobby.


Philomena KwaoComment