I can’t quite tell if this is organised chaos or pandemonium. If there is a method to this madness or if we are in free-fall. Sometimes, when I watch the news or simply look out of the window, it can be tempting to think that were living in pandemonium; In a world where we are in the reverse of all our fore fathers have at least attempted to work towards. Simple things. Peace, Unity and Understanding. I guess as the walls go up, and the voices get louder we regress. Right now its quite negative. Everywhere we go we see disaster and every time we awaken our senses its one thing or the next. Its very easy to feel as if things are getting worse and maybe they are. World leaders seem directionless, there seems to be war everywhere, illness, suffering and natural disasters are a mainstay on our news screens, so much so that one could even argue that we are becoming desensitised and immune. It’s easily for one to feel isolated and frustrated, alone on your island of you and your views. But it isn't always chaos.


Let’s start here. Pandemonium. supposedly the residence of demons. All demons. What are yours? I know mine. An d once we understand and confront our individual demons, we can change the world.

But hold on. In all of this whats the point of pushing forward? Using your voice and making a stand? Are we living in a false sense of control? Fighting aimlessly against a predetermined destiny for each and every one of us. Honestly, I don’t actually know. But I do know what true for me. I’ll share it with you.

I happen to believe in the butterfly effect. Pay it forward. The sum of small changes. Call it what you will. Regardless of how you define it I do know that I am in control of my immediate surroundings; change me, change you, change the world. And it works, I promise you. The crazy idea that the small changes you make to your immediate surroundings make a massive difference to yourself, your surroundings and eventually the world. sounds dramatic doesn’t it? 


Try it and let me know.


Embroidered denim jacket - River Island

Embroidered denim jeans - Asos

Nude heels - Steve Madden

Black Belt - Primark

Pink soft bra - Calvin Klein


Photography by Jide Alakija of Alakija Studios

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