Be Yourself

Just be yourself, or so they say ...

What exactly does that mean?
Malibu, CA 2015

Malibu, CA 2015

I've just come from an incredible, cross country experience. Meeting the people that make this job worthwhile for me, and that's all of you, every person I have touched in some way. Every person who has found strength, beauty and purpose in my story. So what have I been doing? Well Torrid launched their 2015 nationwide (USA) model search and I was lucky enough to meet some of you girls at the live castings at various malls around the country. At the events and during the run up to these events I received numerous questions, mainly "Phil, what can I do to win?" My advice was always and has always been BE YOURSELF !! To which I was often met with a confused or puzzled expression... And if in this cult of celebrity, and in this plague of carefully scripted reality TV, we are all expecting a magic formula of instant success, fame and fortune... But I digress ... Be yourself, what does that mean?

Let me be honest .... Myself? I didn't know who I was ... I still don't know who I am, but with every situation, every joy and every disappointment I'm learning a little more about my self, about what I will and will not stand for, and I'm growing more confident in my decisions. I guess that's what being yourself means. Walking boldly in your own path, not because it's the in thing to do, but because you feel comfortable doing it. Being unapologetically me... Saying yes only when I mean it and not allowing anyone to dictate my future no matter how uncertain that future maybe or how scary the consequences.

I used to think that being oneself was a certain personality type. After all, all the girls that preached individuality weren't really that unique from my perspective. I created the formula of how to 'be yourself' ... The manufactured version, just like the unique coolness of the 90s pop... I joke, I joke. Well that was my formula. Let me see, number one be thin... At all costs, number two, be beautiful, number three have a cool job, wear cool, clothes and basically find a style you liked and copy it... I guess as long as you're being yourself it's all ok it's not really copying.

But who's idea of yourself? 

And I see this so often. In this age in Instagram we are all preaching self confidence but aren't we all just merging into one being? Think about it the next time you walk down the street and see everyone with tattoos, nose rings and rainbow hair. In a world of saturation can one really really say we are individuals?

For now, no matter how unpopular it may be, I'm going to do what I like, wear what I like and feel as I like.

As long as you're not hurting anyone what's the harm? ......