Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil

Travel is a huge part of my job. Some months I feel like I live on a plane. Whilst it might sound like fun my skin isn't laughing. Even after drinking on average half a litre of water for every hour I'm in the plane my skin still feels and looks like the Sahara desert. Especially as although shiny. (Not oily) my skin is very dry. But I've found my saviour. 

To be honest I wasn't a very big fan of the Kiehl's brand. Not that I have had any particularly bad experiences with them, more so that I have my holy grail products and I don't like change, especially when it comes to skin care after all if it ain't broke don't fix it

But this isn't university, this isn't England and my skin has been exposed to the harsh colds of New York, the scorching sun of Los Angeles and everything I between, not too mention the unforgiving condition onboard a plane 30 000 feet in the air. 

One of my favorite artists (Hi Jo) introduced me to Kiehl's products as part of my ore shoot skin prep and so I decided to walk in and see if they had anything for dry skin. And behold I was given a sample of the midnight oil.

That night in my hotel room I followed my usual routine and after drying my face slightly ( slightly damp is best) I patted the oil into my skin and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning with extremely hydrated skin, no dry patchesand best if all no itching! This is not paid or sponsored so these are my own thoughts, don't worry guys I won't write about products I would personally use.