The secret to matte ... As told by Diane da Silva

My skin glows. On a normal day I love this. The sheen that comes from it's natural clarity means that I often go without makeup, however on set this is a major problem. My skin reflects light like no other, often appearing as a white haze on the screen. The solution is often powder powder powder but too much powder can look ashy and grey, hiding the beautiful brown that I have grown very proud of.

Today I learnt that the powder is not the problem; it's the application and what's underneath it. 

I learnt an application secret that has changed my life.

So firstly, let's meet Diane, one of my favourite make up artists

Do you see that flawless application?

I have often used the Ben Nye powders so I won't go into it too much in this post but my foundation game for days when I need full coverage has changed.

Introducing the Cream Blend Stick by Mehron Make Up



I love the colour and depth of this foundation. It's a perfect match for me and its consistency means that my skin stays matte, but with a healthy sheen but without compromising the richness of the brown hues in my skin tone. My perfect match is Rich Topaz 30. And at $12.95 its a steal.

Available here :

Now for the real star of the show... 


Today I've been schooled. Diane swears by the powder puff (especially the ones by Japanese beauty gods Shiseido). 

"Using a powder puff means rather than sweeping the powder over your face and moving make up, you gently press the powder into your skin helping your powder stay put. It also makes the application appear smooth and airbrushed for a flawless matte finish."

I have no idea why I didn't do this before. Thanks Diane :)

Product List


Tehran Cream Blend Stick in Rich Topaz

MAC Blush in Reed

Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder

Ben Nye Powder in Chestnut and Dark Cocoa


MAC Eyeshadow (Carbon, Embark and Cranberry)


Lucas Pawpaw Ointment

See more of Diane's stunning work here:




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